Peneda El Sonido de la Roca


Meadinha Peneda


"...all deserve to be respected, and it is for these why the earth is not a inheritance from our parents but a loan from our children."

        And how could I forget all the people whose only interest that moved, was and is, you who visits the park, so you can enjoy what nature offers us and make it part of you, as the river is in its flow as the tree is the land, but never forget that the land belongs to those who are in it, vegetation, rocks, animals, and also your fellows and yourself, all deserve to be respected, and it is for these why the earth is not a inheritance from our parents but a loan from our children.
        Therefore, we must return it just like our parents gave it back to us and they and their parents as in previous generations.
        That's why all these people while they were doing it for themselves, they were also doing it for you aside from the sense of possession, so that you feel excited and you make yours this way of sharing.
        This is the honest contribution of each of these people that with their small or great effort, did it to let you know, opening the door for you to know and enjoy, and to them and WHO MAY HAVE BEEN FORGOTTEN TO MENTION, my eternal gratitude that will endure in the history of the Park Peneda-Gerês.
Forever your friend,


Ano 2008

Andrés Sio González
Alberto Sio González
Luis Solla Cobelo
Javier Pérez Gil
Fernando Cabello Pascual
José Ramón Rodríguez Moreira
José Antonio Martínez Novas
Miguel López Domínguez
Joaquín Carril Comesaña
José Carlos Iglesias Albujer
José Manuel Troncoso Rodríguez
Chus Lago Rey
Fernando Fernández Conde
Senen Cruces Caride
Carlos Carracedo Rodríguez
Antonio Dourado Iglesias
José Ramón Melón Iglesias
Lino Rodríguez Novoa
Santiago Suarez Alonso
Antonio Suarez Alonso
Luis Arocas Fernández
Bonifacio Pedro López López
Manuel González Fernández
Manuel Alejandro Alonso Vázquez
Claudio Ribeiro
Roberto Sierra Cerdeiras
Graciano Novoa Rodríguez
Francisco Javier Martínez Burgo
Miguel Silva
Filipe Sequeira
Ana Castro
María José Presa Soto
Juan Ramón López León
María del Pilar Carril Comesaña
Jesús Martínez Novas

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